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Chris Reed
4.2K Contacts
[fa icon="lock"] www.chrisreed.kred

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Chris Reed
4.2K Contacts
[fa icon="lock"] www.chrisreed.kred
[fa icon="trophy"] Web Developers[fa icon="search"]
 #1 Jimmy Song Educator, Developer and Entrepreneur 591/3 
 #2 dubs ⁹ Game Design & Developer Student 562/5 
 #3 Pete Berry Retired software developer 547/4 
 #4 Remz Certified Web Developer 799/9 
 #5 Ed Henighan Husband & software developer MESSAGE  
 #6 Nitin Software Developer & Proud Indian 551/3 
 #7 Alex Winton Developer 626/5 
 #8 Ivan Sanchez Frontend Developer 723/7 

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#LearnToCode[fa icon="times"] Web Development[fa icon="times"] iOS Development[fa icon="times"] [fa icon="plus"]

Chris Reed

Finally documenting my experience of the last year, from quitting my job in finance to landing my first role as a front-end developer.

How I became a Developer
Over the past 12 months I have made a number of changes to do what I always wanted - Build apps people love.

[fa icon="heart"] [fa icon="comment"]

Chris Reed

How I became a Developer (in 12 months) - Link in bio

Wendy Young 

Just read @ChrisReed's story about how he came a developer - Motivating! #LearnToCode

Chris Reed

I may not be the most experienced in the office - But I am the hairiest.

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